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Sayas Hands Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves students and families in underserved communities. Our organization is looking for funding to help continue the legacy of servicing children and families in need with your support. Sayas Hands Foundation was started by Founder Shantelle Ducros who at the time began working in the education sector with children of diverse backgrounds. Ms. Ducros was able to see firsthand what the needs of our children were living in poverty and low-income households within the community. Through the use of her own financial abilities, she was able to touch the lives of many children and families in need each year.

This platform paved the way giving Ms. Ducros the vision to start Sayas Hands Foundation allowing her to help many organizations and schools on a larger scale in bridging the gap to better ensure students have the basic necessities to function on a daily basis. Our mission is to provide an abundance of resources to families through grants, donations and individual donors to help assist our youth and families. With our programs we have been able to service hundreds of kids and families each year leaving a positive footprint while establishing a lasting relationship with all whom we serve. The students and families we assist are located in underserved areas and communities each year. Sayas Hands Foundation has partnered with various organizations and schools including New Orleans

Women and Childrens Shelter, Son of A Saint, Einstein Charter School, Total Community Action Head Start, Fannie C Williams, Moton Elementary and many more. Through our partnerships we are able to provide and donate to families of children who are disabled, mentally unstable, at risk, underprivileged and homeless. Both the organizations and schools have already identified the children and families who are in specific need for Sayas Hands to reach out and service. Our organization believes that "Every Child is A Blessing Worth Saving".

Founder Shantelle Ducros brings a wealth of knowledge in the Education sector, nonprofit sector, charity sector, community awareness and community organization arena. All projects are funded through individual donors, grants, donations and fundraisers. Our plan is to expand our partnerships within communities and various organizations so that we can continue to be of service allowing us to broaden both our population and relationships throughout Louisiana.

Sayas Hands Foundation

Our mission is to provide resources
through donations to assist our
youth who are underprivileged,
at risk, disabled and
mentally unstable.

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